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We are looking to charter “like-minded” people and believe we can offer a unique charter designed to the individuals’ preferences.  We envision 3 groups:

Those who are looking to purchase a boat: By using this charter as a “shake down cruise” the experience can help determine if the boating lifestyle is truly for you. We have you covered! I can go into maintenance and systems as much or as little in details as you’d like; learn about engines, props, outdrives, solar, batteries charging systems, navigation instruments…I could pretty much go on to list almost every part of this boat, as I have done work and repairs on almost every inch of BlackSheep.

Family fun! We encourage families with kids: We offer discount for children under 12 and have plenty to keep everyone busy and make the boating experience fun for the whole family. Kids can learn how wax the boat, do trash runs, dishes, and even bottom scrubbing! Our Son just loves this stuff. Beyond that, we have paddle boards, snorkel gear, shell hunting on the beaches and a 14′ tender equipped with a 25hp outboard. Our goal here is to keep EVERYONE entertained!!

The final group we envision: People whose single purpose for traveling is to explore the sandy beaches, island hopping, enjoy tiki bars and island adventures. Again, each will customize their own vacation based on their wants!


This has been our dream since the day we met back in 2002. This dream became reality through lots of hard work and dedication. We never take for granted how truly blessed we are. 20 years in the Military has afforded us opportunities to travel and meet people whom has become life-long friends. We’ve endured plenty of hardships, but those challenges only made our family stronger. We always look towards the bright side of life and keep our optimistic strength going!


BlackSheep is a Captain only service, We could not do any of this without a strong supportive family. We work as a team to keep the boat in great shape and running perfect for your trip.

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I hold a OUPV with Sailing, towing and 100 ton near coastal Captains License. With around 25,000 miles under the bow on several different boats I am drawn to the water. I have completed the Great Loop and look forward to a future circumnavigation.

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We picked up Kodi in South Carolina after we lost our Boston Koko. She adapted well to the boat right away. She is truly a remarkable four-legged family member; the friendliest dog we’ve ever owned, and we think she also loves boating! While she is still a puppy she has adapted to this lifestyle very well.

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Mayla’s sense of adventure never ceases to amaze! Her fun nature and willingness to explore what life has to offer has truly been the cornerstone of the family. Never will you see a stronger person in such a little package! (4’8).

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1st Mate

One smart Military Brat…you would think he is adopted! Presidential Honor Roll, 4.2 GPA! He loves his gaming, but his adventurist side peaks through on occasions. To him, this is “just how life is”. We believe he will come to better understand “this (boating) life style” as he gets older.

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